No Internet. PON light flashing.

  • 14 October 2021
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I upgraded to 1Gbit and a technician from Guidon installed the new media converter last week and things were working good. However since this morning I don’t have an internet and I see that the PON light is flashing. I called the customer service but didn’t get much help, they said I need a visit from a technician and until now I haven’t received any communication to be able to make this appointment. This causes a lot of annoyance as I work from home and rely on being online all the time. I also read on this forum that a flashing PON light is not something that can be solved at home, so will the house visit even help in this case ? Also anything I can do here to have a faster resolution ?

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Hello @aelsawy 

When you have a flasing PON light, there is a signal but the Huawei ONT isn't able to set up a connection with the switch.

There is a chance that your connection will automatically be online, a flashing PON could mean that the switch has detected a rogue ONT and once that ONT is removed by the customer you'll be back online.

Thanks @Waqqas for your reply. Indeed the issue get resolved yesterday at night as you mentioned. It would have helped more if the customer service communicated the situation as you described and delegated it to the responsible party. Clearly this malfunction didn’t require a house visit.