Sudden cable error 8180 (English)

  • 14 June 2021
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Hello T-Mobile community,

my internet connection suddenly dropped around 2-3 hours ago and I see the following error:


Cable error[8180]. Please make sure the cable is connected to the gateway properly. If the cable connection is secure, click "Try Again". You can also click Try WLAN to set up a WLAN connection.

Kabel fout. Zorg ervoor dat de kabel correct is aangesloten op het apparaat. Klik vervolgens op Opnieuw proberen.


The last time this happened was 2 years ago when I first set up the modem and it was a grid problem. 


I did not touch anything before the internet dropped, restarted the modem multiple times and checked the cables - still see the same error.

Thanks for any help!



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Hi @simon.schneider, welcome to the Community!

The error you described, sounds like the ethernet cable is somewhat damaged or the traffic is disrupted from the incoming signal to the device. What kind of ethernet cable are you currently using to connect the modem to your desktop/laptop?

It could also refer to an issue situated in the DSL-cable (the short 1.5 meter cable that connects the ISRA to the modem). Which lights are fully lit on the modem currently?

We'll fix the issue, I'm absolutely positive!