UDM Setup for Internet & TV

  • 20 January 2021
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Dear T-mobile community,

I have been reading several posts on this forum, some quite well detailed but haven’t managed to get my UDM to work properly.

My situation is bit different and I've been struggling to get the IPTV working but haven't succeded. I have a Zyxel T50 and a media converter. Have completely removed the T50 and wired my UDM in the media converter. On the media converter noticed 8x small pins in the back, the 3 & 4 were down, all the others where on (up).

From the UDM got a connection to my Netgear managed switch. So my complete network including the other AP-AC-Pro access points (all on Netgear switch) are working fine. Only trouble remains the IPTV.

I connect the IPTV cable into the UDM besides another connection going to my amplifier.

Saw that most of tutorials are using an extra switch to split the ports, but in my case I guess the UDM with a builtin switch should be able to manage this. For several reasons, I prefer keeping the IPTV and amplifier into the UDM not into the Netgear switch. 

Would appreciate an advice on how to configure the profiles & trucks in my case.

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Hi @AlexWitting 

Which interface do you have when Tv did work with the Zyxel? 

Left or right? https://www.t-mobile.nl/klantenservice/thuis/tv/gebruiken/kinderslot 

If it was the left it won’t work with the UDM, Because the UDM does not support IGMP and multi wan vlan which are needed. 


Hi @TechRacing93 

Thanks for your reply. In the beginning had the DryTek, then T-mobile replaced it with the Zyxel T50.

Checked my t-mobile account and found below services so I guess I have Interactive TV. Any advice what to do further ? Try to switch to T-mobile TV ?

Interactieve TV
Actie: interactieve TV abonnement Mobielvoordeel 
ESPN Eredivisie
Actie: ESPN Eredivisie Mobielvoordeel 
Interactieve TV Box
Actie: Gratis Interactieve TV Box 

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Hi @AlexWitting 

If you still have Interactive Tv, It’s not possible to use is with the UDM. Because of the limitations in the UDM. 

It not possible to switch to T-Mobile Tv yourself. T-Mobile have to migrate you. 

Thanks again for the answer. I’ll call T-mobile to upgrade me to the T-mobile TV.

I assume the newer T-mobile TV service needs only an internet connection ? Or still VLAN’s have to be configured. If that still needed, should I be fine with my existing infrastructure mediaconverter + UDM+Netgear switch ?

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If they migrate you to T-Mobile Tv, you only need an internet connection. 

Perhaps this is what your looking for: