Weekendbundel reset

  • 7 januari 2017
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Dear Tmonile!

First of all Happy New Year 2017. I hope it will be great for you. I just wanted to post my observation about Internet bundel in Stel Samen Abinament and Weekend Bundel.

I noticed that when you activate the Weekend bundel and the same Weekend you abonament bundel will start- it resets your usage from the Weekend Bundel. I had this situation once- my internet from abonament was over and I activated the Weekendbundel. I used it on Friday and Saturday and then I got new internet from abonament and then the Weekendbundel limit was reset to 30 GB. I do not know if is always like this and if anybody had simillar experience!

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Hi Mpiotrek,

Thank you, for you also a Happy New Year! :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Can you tell when this happened? In December? Did your Weekendbundle reset to 30GB on sunday the 11st?

I look forward to hear from you!