Issue on ordering a sim and mobile device

  • 23 april 2019
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I just recently came to the Netherlands and this is the first time that I want to buy a sim card in the Netherlands. I wanted to buy a sim and a device from your website, but one of the requirements for ordering them through your website is entering a phone number. I tried to enter my number from United States, but it does accept it and only accepts a number from the Netherlands. I do not have a Dutch phone number now and I would like to buy one from t-mobile for the first time.
I am appreciated if you can help me resolve this issue.

2 reacties

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You can find a physical shop near where you are by entering the "postcode" (digits only) of where you are in this webpage: https://www.t-mobile.nl/winkels Anybody living near where you are can tell you the postcode.
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Hi mmasoud,

You can visit a T-Mobile shop as Chris mentioned and my colleagues will be happy to help you further. Welcome the T-Mobile family!