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  • 7 september 2016
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I am very unhappy about T-mobile one policy. I renewed my contract(Only sim) at the beginning of the August. And seller told me I can renew my contract with a phone contract. But he did not clearly tell me I could not renew the phone contract if the new contract has not started. And my new contract will start at 26-sep. But at that moment, the promotion will finish. Therefore, to me, it seems like 300 euro lose in total. I went tmobile shop, and called customer service, they dont stand at customer side to think. Just fast reply to say they can do nothing, sorry. So now i try forum and sent email to customer service to see if you have some special solution or at least reflect this to your mangers. Customers are loyalty to T-mobile, therefore T-mobile should stand at customer side let this group participate this promotion.... Now i am very unhappy and start a bit angry now.

2 reacties

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Hello Yi Wang,

Sorry to hear that you are unhappy about T-Mobile! It's right that you can renew your contract with a phone contract when your Sim Only renewal is started. I'm Sorry that this wasn't told clearly. I see that your Sim Only starts at 09/24/2016. I've sent you a private message with more information.

If you have any questions, please let me know!
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Horrible answer, Thalina. Sorry, but this just doesn't answer the question.

Yi Wang still has te right to cancel the contract and renew again, but this time with a subscription with a device. This still doesn't really fix anything, because cancelation usually takes 2 weeks (and no one knows why this takes so freakishly long), but it is a better answer to the question asked.