SIM activation please help!

  • 29 augustus 2019
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Today I received my new SIM card. Unfortunately when I try to create an account for my t-mobile app to activate my sim I get the following error;


Your mobile number is not (yet) known in the system. This may be because your contract is not yet active or is only being activated today. Please try again later.


Please help me fix this. Thanks in advance!

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I went to the t-mobile store. They said there is nothing they can do after trying to activate my sim. So I ask them to call customer support for me (since I can't speak Dutch). They called them and completed the dial menu for me. Then I waited on the phone for 5 mins until someone from customer service picked up the phone. He asked me my new number and told me to hold on the line. I waited for 10 more mins. Eventually he came back and ask me my home number and postal code. I gave him the information and he said he is trying to activate my SIM and hold on the line a bit more. After 1 mins of waiting the call is ended. I don't know why...

Right now I don't know what to do! I went to the store, tried to call customer support, tried online chat...
I hope I can fix this problem. I really want to be a T-mobile customer.
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Know that T-Mobile want you to become a customer to!! I have only one question, when will your contract start? Unfortunately you can only create an account for an active subscription. I am almost sure that an moderator can help you out tomorrow, if your subscription should already be active!
My order status says;

  • Your request will be activated on the agreed date
  • This can be:
  • Immediately after your contract renewal
  • After delivery of your device and / or SIM card
  • On number porting date
  • On a specific starting date
  • Your order has been completed
I think I see the problem here. I don't want number porting but I got an email about it from T-Mobile.
But I still don't know how to fix this. How to cancel the number porting and activate my SIM card a.s.a.p.
Last night before bed I sent a message to twitter account of t-mobile. Everything was fixed in the morning.

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Great! Thanks for the update. Enjoy!