Internet disconnected 3 hours after installation.

  • 14 October 2022
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History: I ordered my internet on 21th of September. The technician from Guidon just came yesterday around 6 pm and completed my installation. Everything was okay. We even did some speedtests. After 3-4 hours, my connection stopped. I couldn’t connect the internet then I checked my modem and media converter, 4 lights were green on converter but internet light on the moden was red. I did some basic things like checking the cables, unplug / plug in etc. But it was still same. Then I just went to the bed by hopping it will be working in the morning. Anyway, this morning, it was same again. Then I try to reach customer service via phone, couldn’t find the english line then tried to chat. Finally, I reached someone via chat. I told my situation. He said exactly “I see that the network administrator still has to go to the local exchange to connect you, this is planned for today. So if all goes well this will be done today and you will receive a message about this as soon as this is successful!“ then I said thank you and end the chat.

After 2 hours, now 2 of my media converter lights turned off. Normally, 4 of them were green before chat.

Current State: On my xyxel media converter SPEED and FIBER lights are off. On my modem, INTERNET light is red. I think the problem has evolved into something else but im not sure about it.

After waiting 3 weeks to get my internet, now this happened. I am very disappointed and do not know what should I do.


Here are some images from my setup.



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Hi @salvira,

Thanks for your detailed story and sorry to hear that your connection disappeared so quickly, it is certainly not something I wish to see! 

Although I am not certain whether they are correlated, it seems that the network operator made changes to your Internet line after the Guidion technician visited you.

I suppose that you have already tried to briefly disconnect the bottom Zyxel device which is missing ‘Fiber’ and ‘Speed’, but otherwise this might be able to help you out.

Fortunately, I see that you have already had contact with us and that a Guidion technician will be with you soon. I’m sure that the technician will be able to do a lot for you and we are going to double-check everything to make sure that you will have continuous, fast and stable Internet!

On monday, Guidion technician came and checked my connection. He said, the problem is about the box which is outside (I guess my ports are wrong or something. I didn’t understand the problem exactly and to be honest I don’t even care) and reported it to back office side. Today is wednesday and customer service is still saying, it can be take 3 working days. Today is already 3rd day. Also, I am 100% sure that you will not solve this issue this week. You will say to me to make an appointment from guidion like before. and I will wait for another week.

This is my worst experience, what a experience huh! 

My landlord was using T-mobile before me and he suggested you. (It's my fault for trying to get internet from you, I admit it.) I ordered my internet online on 21th September. And today I do not still have connection. It is 1 month. 

My question is super simple. Do you believe in yourself to give me a proper internet service ?  


Apart from this, please do not send a satisfaction survey for an internet that I do not have. This must be a joke.

It’s happened what I exactly expected. I was called for an appointment and the appointment was made for 25th October. The technician will come AGAIN. It was exactly as I expected. Like I said in my previous post, I will wait another week. The technician will come then I will wait again, another appointment will be made. this will go with it forever. I swear I have never seen such a service in my life.

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Hi @salvira, thanks for your reply. I'll give you some clarity on the situation. Because the Guidion technician has seen that there's been no signal, the network operator has been notified to fix this issue. An entirely different technician has been send out for the 25th, with the specific assignment to fix the issue in the grid center. With this, we're very certain we can fix the issue. Please be aware that with delivery and access process for a Fiber connection always takes time, with an average wait time of four weeks. We communicate this in the process of installation. I do understand your sentiment and we'd like to get you online ASAP, but please know that certain issues and installations do take time.