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  • 18 April 2022
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Hi, I've been using the router for 2 years, and now the wifi it's failing. I dont have proper connection, tried with every step on the website plus anothers. 

I've also hired a wifi plus point, which was working fine until 2 days ago.

The router restarts randomly, only the wifi, reboot it makes it stop but only for a few hours, then the problem starts again. 


Thanks in advance!


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The router I have is zyxel T50, and the wifi plus point is zyxel WAP6807

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Hello @gerardcebria 

Is the wired connection working fine?

Is the WiFi extender connected wireless or via cable and does your WiFi of the modem work properly without the extender?

Yes, the wired connection works prefectly. 

The wifi extender was only connected with wifi, and it worked perfectly untill 2 days ago. 

The wifi fails with or without the extender.

I also notified that the extender is not working properly, because disconnecting the wifi from the router via configuration and connecting the extender via cable does not emmit any wifi signal

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Do you perhaps have a switch or 2nd router in your network which causes the WiFi issue or maybe another device connected to the Zyxel is causing this issue?

No, just these two (router + extender)


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Hi @gerardcebria,

Thanks for your question and welcome to our Community! From what I can tell there’s currently a specific problem going on at your address on the KPN grid. You can check by going to My T-Mobile Thuis: My T-Mobile Thuis | Rekeningen inzien en informatie over je abonnement. The issue is currently being investigated by the grid operator and they’re working hard to fix the issue. To able to locate the exact issue you’re facing, it’s imperative to fix the issues on the grid first. If the issue with the wifi is still around when the problem is fixed, please let us know. We’re here for you.