Wifi plus keeps losing the signal every few hours.

  • 23 January 2023
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Backgroud info:
I am a relatively new customer (since late December) and I have Zyxel T-54 modem. The modem works fine and there were no signal hiccups with it.

I additionaly ordered mesh point so I have Zyxel WAP6807 (directly from T-mobile). When I first installed it, the installation was succesful and I placed it where I wanted (living room, top lamp green, middle lap green, wifi working). After that, the internet works great.


However, after a few hours the device lost the signal: top lamp green, middle lamp off, bottom lamp green. Therefore, the wifi it sends out has no internet. The router itself is still working fine, because if I turn off mesh and connect to wifi signal produced by modem, the internet works.(the signal can still reach the living room and the spot where the mesh is, but it’s weak for business video calls)

Sometimes it is enough to restart the mesh and after that, it can still send out the working wifi. Other times, this does not help and while the mesh has also middle lamp green, the signal has no internet.

In such case, I have to reset the mesh and install it anew. This is just a temporary solution because after few hours, same behaviour occurs. When I say few hours, that can range from ~ 8-30 hours. I tried to reset both, modem and mesh, install the mesh again to see if that would help but it doesn't.

Needless to say that this is unwanted behaviour if this happens during the work call. Therefore, advice would be appreciated.


This shouldn't have any impact but I”ll mention that I connect my laptop to mesh via cable.

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Hi @Pavol, welcome to the Community! Thank you for the specific details. Would you mind following some steps for me? That way I get a better idea of ​​the situation:

The wifi extender needs to be free of any obstacles, here are some examples of wrong placement of the wifi extender: 

• The wifi extender is placed on the ground. Eye-level is desirable for an optimal signal
• The wifi extender is placed behind a metal object (such as a tv, stereo or refrigerator)
• The wifi extender is placed around an aquarium or aquariums (water disrupts the signal)

If the wifi extender is not placed correctly, move it for an optimal signal. Then perform a speed measurement again. Is this not the case? Give the WAP a factory reset by pressing the button on the back of the WAP for 5 seconds with a pin. Manually reconnect the WAP to the modem using these exact steps showed here: https://www.t-mobile.nl/klantenservice/thuis/internet-wifi/installeren/wifi-punt

Has the problem been solved now? If not, there may be something wrong with the modem. I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi @Tommie,

The extender is placed at the beginning of my working desk so there are no obstacles in a way. Everything else (monitor, laptop etc.) is further on the desk. The middle lamp is green when I set up the device, which I believe should mean that the signal, or distance from the modem, is fine.


I thought this could be an issue in the beginning, so I tried what you suggested during the first days already.

I placed the extender on a cabinet at the entrance of living rooom (closer to the modem). Device after reset, there where no other electronics around and it was at around 1.5m height but it had the same result - worked fine for couple of hours, then indicated that it lost the signal and kept sending out wifi without the internet. To fix this, as mentioned earlier, I had to again restart or reset and re-install the extender.


As it had the same result when placing elsewhere, I put it back on my desk as this way I can plug my laptop to the extender directly.

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Hi @Pavol, thank you for checking everything. There might be a problem with your modem. Would you mind running some tests for me? Then I can start an investigation:


I’d like to receive a couple of screenshots of speed tests. Please take a close look at the following steps! If the tests don’t meet the necessary criteria, we can’t start an investigation. -Go to www.speedtest.net/apps in your browser and download the app for the device on which you want to perform the speed test - Please shut down all open systems including VPN -The computer or laptop has to be connected via an ethernet cable, a speed test of a TV or gaming computer can’t be used -Run the speed test. For the best results it’s best to test on several target servers. When you press the big GA-button, you can choose a server. Is the speed below the attainable average? Repeat the test on the same device but with a five minute intermission between the tests -Take at least two screenshots of speed tests on different target servers and make sure your whole desktop screen is visible, so we can see the connection type (it's important that it's visible that the speedtest is made with a internet connection via a ethernet cable) -Take a screenshot of the taakbeheer (Task Manager, on Windows) or the activiteitenmonitor (Activity Monitor on iOS): In Windows you’ll find this by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL; choose more details if they’re not directly visible In Apple MacOS you can search for "Activity Monitor" from the Spotlight search box -Take a screenshot of the IP configuration: Windows: via the search function under shortcut “Windows + R”, type in: “cmd” and press Enter (or search for Opdrachtprompt/Command Prompt in the starting menu). After opening, type in: ipconfig / all and press Enter Apple MacOS: via the Finder or the Spotlight search window you can open the Terminal app. Type in: /sbin /ifconfig and press Enter. This will display all connections the device has at that specific moment. Please send me the screenshots in one message and make sure that the mentioned steps are followed precisely. Thanks in advance!


Hello @Tommie 
I followed the instructions you provided. I got the speedtest app on my laptop and connected the laptop to modem via ethernet cable.

Here are the results of the tests:

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4


Here are the screenshots of the Task manager (I hope that's what you wanted):


And the cmd screenshot:


Thank you for your time looking into this. Please let me know if you would need anything else.

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However, after a few hours the device lost the signal: top lamp green, middle lamp off, bottom lamp green. Therefore, the wifi it sends out has no internet. The router itself is still working fine, because if I turn off mesh and connect to wifi signal produced by modem, the internet works.(the signal can still reach the living room and the spot where the mesh is, but it’s weak for business video calls)

Just to give one tip 😉 

If the signal of the router itself is already to weak for video calls etc at that place, it will also be to weak for the Zyxel WAP6807. My advice will be to place it closer to the Modem (or connect it with a wire if possible). 

My rule of thumb is always place it where the modem signal is still good but close to the place it need improvement. Even moving it 1 meter might improve it already.



Hello @Sven-TMT 

Thank you for the tip. I do understand that correct placement should help but let me explain why this did not help in my case. I spend some time today to do some tests which will hopefully help with clarification.



Scenario 1: No extender (extender turned off)

I’d like to clarify the remark about the signal. In the pictures bellow you can see the signal indicated while my laptop is connected directly to modem. To me it looks like the signal should be fine.


Here are the speed tests (done via app). It seems fine but it’s not sufficient when having screensharing session while simultaniously working on VM(s) - needed for my job.



Scenario 2: Via extender placed on the other side of the room

In this scenario, the extender is not excessively far from modem. It is ~4-5 meters closer to modem than the laptop showcased in the Scenario1. The speedtests are shown below and there is only a slight improvement. Despite only small speed improvement, the performance is better suitable for my work.

However, as described in the main topic, there is an issue with this scenario. The extender seems to lose the signal every few hours. Sometimes it helps to restart the extender (unplug, wait a bit, plug again). Other times, this is not sufficient and it is necessary to reset the extender (plug to modem, reset with pin 10sec, install, place to desired room).



Scenario 3: Extender placed on work desk

In this scenario, the extender is on the work desk approximetly 1 meter closer to modem than laptop in Scenario1. The laptop is plugged to the extender via ethernet. This seems to have the best results as you can see in the pictures from speedtests.

However, same issue as in the Scenario 2 or as described in the main topic. The extender stops working after few hours.


The scenarios 2 & 3 have the same issue - replacing the extender does not seem to have any effect on this. I hope this helps to explain why I opted for scenario 3 in the end.

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Hey @Pavol, thank you for all the trouble!  I can't easily see what's going on from here. I therefore sent a technician to take a closer look. You will receive a text message and e-mail from Guidion to schedule an appointment. I hope they can solve this issue.