Is there any possibility for connecting tv box through wifi or coaxial cable?

  • 2 oktober 2019
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So, I just moved to this apartmet and aparently all of the installations are in the hallway. So, storage place where you have electricity/gas, telephone cable etc.

Now, I want to connect the tv box from the router as it says, but since it is available only through cable, that will be a tough thing to do from the hallway itself.

Is it possible somehow this to be connected through wifi, or through a coaxial cable?
Or, to be done through adding one more router which will be bridged towards the first one(wirelessly), and connect the tv box on the second router?

Thank you!

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If it's possible to replace the coaxial cable for a networkcable that's the best thing to do.
If this is not possible you can use "INCA" adapters (internet over coax) or powerline adapters. Connecting tv box through wifi is not possible.

Regards, Marcel