Cannot set password for my WiFi's

  • 21 maart 2021
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I followed all instructions to set the usernames and passwords for all 4 WiFi’s (2.4G, 5G, Guest 2.4G, Guest 5G). However, after multiple tries, restarts, reconnecting cables, my 2.4G and 5G WiFi’s are still not protected by any password…

Initially, right after the technician installed the modem, I could change the usernames/passwords by going through, but few hours later they are no longer modifiable. After searching on the T-Mobile Help page I tried modifying the password on the website (the Zyxel way), but after several times of retyping in the complex passwords the two WiFi’s are still unprotected...

I am a generous guy but I am not in favor to share my paid internet bandwidth with people around the place. Anyone who can help or had similar experience please share. Thanks in advance. 


Model name
Firmware version
V5.50 (ABPY.1) b15_20201207

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Maybe this will help you out? My modem will not switch to English.


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Hello @Vantw 

Have you seperated 2,4 and 5 Ghz yourself and have you tried to change the passwords for the 2 networks with guest WiFi disabled?

Maybe you could try a factory reset if nothing helps by pressing the reset button on the back of your modem for around 10 seconds using a small object.

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Maybe this will help you out? My modem will not switch to English.