TV The Bronze sound issues

  • 3 February 2021
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when I try to watch a rerun on tv I hear a sound but the bronze stutters.  how can I fix it??


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Hi @Marcelina, that does not sound good in both senses of the word. :wink: Does live TV work properly and do you only have problems with the sound when you are watching reruns? Do you mean that you have problems specifically with the TV show “The Bronze” or with other TV shows as well?

In any case I would advise you to perform a factory reset of the TV Box by putting a pin in the hole on the back of the TV Box for approximately 10 seconds. Afterward you will see the TV Box restarting automatically. You will be able to find the hole that reads ‘reset’ just below the USB port.

Eager to hear if it allows you to fully enjoy The Bronze again!