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  • 15 January 2019
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I am customer since June last year and everything was fine so far. However since one month now I am experiencing severe lags in my internet connection. The lags appear every 5 to 10 minutes and the ping wents down to 1000 to 3000ms. The lag burst stays for 20 to 30 sec until everything wents to normal.

The problem appears independent from the connection to the router (over wire as well as over wifi) so it is not a problem of my internal network.

When I measure my DSL speed the ping is normally below 30ms, download is around 20Mbit and upload is around 5Mbit. When the lags appear the measurement draws an error and is not delivering results until the lag burst is over.

I restarted the router several times but this changes nothing, I also used Wifi repeaters and Dlan devices but all have the same lag burst,

So my conclussion is that this is caused on provider side and since I am not able to find a direct contact possibility to a service technician anywhere in my T-mobile thuis area I have to post my problem here...please fix it otherwise I will cancel my contract on the first chance.

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I am sorry to read that you are having issues with your internet connection.

Are you experiencing these lag spikes on just one specific device, or have you tried it on several other devices as well? If the problem is just on one device, I would recommend testing it on another device as well to rule out any issues with that specific device.

Also, how are you measuring these lag spikes? Is it during a game, or are you pinging a random website?

You can contact T-Mobile Thuis by phone on number 0800-0092. If you keep experiencing these issues on several other devices, you might want to contact them to see if they can send out a technician.
The effect is identical on other devices (1 notebook and one PC). I tried both devices via wifi and via D-LAN and the same lag occurs in all tests.

I experience the spikes mostly during gaming, but also during streaming of movies they are observable by sudden reduction in stream quality or even interrupts.
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Hi @Harry82,

I'm here to help you with the connection! I read (between the lines) that you've got some extra hardware connected to the modem. Especially because the lag is so shortlived, I'd like to take them out of the equasion. Could you disconnect all other hardware and have your PC connected directly (without switch or anything else) to the modem? Could you test the speed with an app instead of the speedtest through a browser? And could you test this when you experience another lag? If there's no more lag, you can add hardware again, one at a time. This way we'll be able to find out if certain hardware causes the issue. Let's solve this puzzle!
Dear Sander,

Thank you for the reply. Following Jeffrey's first post I called the support hotline and they remotely reset my modem to factory default.
From the tests I have done yesterday it seems that this at least improved the situation but I will do a longer test over the weekend and see if this is indeed the case. If not I will do as you say and plug in the notebook directly via LAN to the modem.

I already tried to catch the lag spikes with a browser measurement but in that case the page is throwing an error that the connection is timed out and does not give any results until the spike is over. Is there any specific app you would recommend to measure the connection speed?
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Hi Harry82, I am sorry for my late response. Your message has slipped through our system, which explains our silence. Because it was nearly a month ago, I truly hope that your situation has now been fixed. If you still need my help regarding your connection, please let me know immediately! 😄