Returned my modem 2 weeks back but received email that still not received device back

  • 22 October 2020
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Hi T-Mobile,

I have returned my internet modem and tv box on 7th of Oct through PostNL but today received email that its still received my devices back and they will charge 165 euros.

I also have recipt or postnl with me.

Please help me





Beste antwoord door Sander 28 October 2020, 14:55

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Hello @kllerkapil 

it can take 2 to 3 weeks for your returned modem to be processed.

Coul you upload the receipt which you received from postnl with track & trace code on it here so a moderator can check for you straight away?

thanks Waqqas for your reply...attaching PostNL receipt here


HI Moderators,

Can you please look into my issue.

As per tracking PostNL number, its showing modem has been received at target. but still not received any confirmation from T-Mobile.



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Hi @kllerkapil


Thanks for the track&trace! I tried to fix it directly for you, but I need some help doing so. I'll get back to soon with more information!

Thanks for taking it up..let me know if required any more info from my side.




Klantnummer: WWC77788

Track & trace code:3SLFVZ006634731

Hi Sander...any update from your side..please look into this as in my account now its showing T Mobile will charge. Also attaching delivery confirmation from PostNL


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Hi @kllerkapil


Thanks for clarifying! I cannot stop the fine from being billed. I can however make a correction on the same invoice. So you'll receive an invoice in the month of November with the fine and a c orrection for the same amount. The totall of the invoice will be € 0,00. 


If there's another amount on the invoice, you can let me know and I'll help you directly!

thanks Sander ..that will be great help