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I have internet from T-mobile couple of days. Right now the connection what should have its 750 Mbps. When I use Wifi 5g I can reach from 100 Mbps to 140 Mbps download and 150-200 Mbps upload and the LAN cable ( this is really strange for me, tried 3 diffrent Ethernet cables on laptop and computer) from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps Do anyone know how to fix the issue ? or maybe its normal ?:D

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Hey Gutek,

First of all, welcome!🍾 I'm glad to hear that you've chosen T-Mobile Thuis. 😄

So you've some speed issues? When you test your speed with a LAN cable, the speed should be around 750 Mbps. A speed of 150-200 Mbps is too low, so we need to find a solution for that. And are there multiple devices connected when you are testing your speed?

The Wifi speed can be a lot lower than your subscription. The Wifi speed is affected by a lot of external factors. We've a topic with a lot of tips and tricks to speed up your Wifi speed. It's in Dutch though, so if you need some help with the translation, just ask me. Good luck!