Incomplete installation (exposed cable) of fiber optic cable entering apartment

  • 2 november 2020
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The cable work has been poorly done and as shown in the attached picture it has not been enclosed in a sheath. This is looking incomplete and there has been objections from the people living on the ground floor and our real estate agent/landlord. I had called T-mobile and they directed me to call the agency (Volker Vessels Telecom). I called them twice and sent them two emails (On October 1 and October 22) requesting them to send personnel to complete their job professionally. Despite several calls and written complains this has not been completed. I have to report to my landlord about when this will be completed and if not done urgently pay for it on my own to complete. 


4 reacties

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The people below has given to you permission, they are obligated to do so and are very egoistic. Through the technical area where the electric and gas metre is.

Is very stupid from Volker Vessels Telecom to prepare it in this way.

Bether to arrange these appointtments with your neigbour before you take a optical fiber subscription.

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Hi @Sangha, welcome to the Community!

Ouch, that doesn't look very good at all. It's good that you're trying to seek help! Did the homeowners/tenants one floor down give Volker Wessels permission to install the Fiberline this way? Like @Flevoguy mentioned, it seems as though someone has either given permission to have it installed this way, or Volker Wessels got the go ahead from another homeowner. 

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Thank you @Flevoguy @Jason for your responses. No, there was no permission from the homeowner in the floor below. I sent a complaint to T-mobile on their facebook messenger and they have responded that they will instruct Volker Wessels to look into it. Thank you for your responses. I am hoping this will be solved soon.