No internet connection after installation

  • 15 januari 2021
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Hi all. I already wrote on a related thread but I’m opening this new thread to make my issue more visible and to add further details.

I followed all the instructions to set up a home connection. The connection is DSL and the start date was yesterday (14 January).

I have installed the modem by connecting the DSL cable to the wall socket. The modem is switched on (power, 2.4G ,5G lights) but there is no light on the globe symbol. See following picture.

I tried disconnecting and restarting the modem several times, and clicked on the reset button a couple of times with a pin, but nothing changed. I also attach a picture of the inner part of the wall socket:

and a picture of the ISRA box inside the meter cupboard:

I really do not know how to solve this issue. Can anyone help, please?

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Hello @bluetonic 

Can you disconnect all wires on photo 2?

Make sure just two wires are connected, connect orange in place of red and white on the place where there are 2 blue wires.

Hi @Waqqas, thanks for replying!

i tried doing as you suggested - see photo below - but still no luck.

I did not disconnect the yellow wire though - should I try to do that too?

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As on the picture yellow is not connected? Just red and blue also did not work in place of orange and white?

If this cable from the ISRA is not damaged there should be signal if not perfect.

Normally it is better to connect the modem straight to your ISRA. You can remove the wires connected on top and arrange anóther cable which goes straight to your modem (maximum length of 2 meter).

What you could also do is cut the upper cable on around 30 cm, use the connection box in your installation pakkacge and plug the DSL cable on the other side.