50mbps Internet speed

  • 3 januari 2021
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Hi guys, 

I have recently installed a tmobile dsl Internet connection. 

The max possible speed at my place is 51mbps.

As per speed test from speedtest.net the speed is 38 mbps download and 12mbps upload.

This seems a bit slow to me compared to promised speed. What should I do? 

8 reacties

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Hi @Jaithehulk, the current actual bitrate hovers between 49 to 50.8 Mbit/s so I'm positive it has something to do with either the cables or an external product. 

Can you please post a screenshot of three separate speedtests with your desktop visible? That way our tech-guys can see that the test has been performed with an ethernet cable connected to the PC/laptop. No worries, I'm certain we'll find the solution soon, thanks in advance!


Hi @Jason ,

As required attaching screenshots of three separate speed tests on my laptop with wired connection.

I dont have any problems with the download speed. There seems to be an issue with the upload as it is stuck at 12 mbps.


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Hello @Jaithehulk 

Please use the ookla speedtest desktop app for the more accurate results.

Also try testing in safe mode.

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Hi @Jaithehulk 

And use the grey DSL cable instead of the Green phone cable. 


Hi @Waqqas ,

I cannot install different apps on my office laptop and I don't have a personal laptop. 

Also I don't have problems with the download speed I am worried about the upload speed which is 12 mbps and low for a 50 mbps line. 

@TechRacing93 , I checked with the grey cable speeds remain the same. 

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I have DSL too, 100 down 30 up.

Can you check on the T-Mobile website via postcodecheck to see what upload speed is possible at your address?


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Good afternoon @Jaithehulk, thanks for adding the speedtests! 

What kind of ethernet cable are you using to connect the laptop to the modem? A low upload-speed can also be caused by using a category 5 cable, instead of for instance a category 5e or 6. That by no means always implies that it's the result of a cat 5 cable, but it could be the cause. 

Are you using your company's VPN or perhaps a publicly accessible VPN?

Hi Guys

I checked my postcode on the t-mobile website and max speed available is 50mbit/s down and 10mbit/s up. So as per that it is the correct speed. Sorry for wasting your time here!!