Home service cancelled, can I also cancel Mobile?

  • 18 March 2023
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A couple weeks ago I purchase a combined T-mobile home internet + mobile subscription. I activated the mobile subscription on 06/03/23. However, KPN came out today and explained that my apartment does not have the correct wiring for T-Mobile’s home internet. So, I had to cancel and move to a provider that uses Coax cables.

My hope is to keep my home internet and mobile service combined. Is there any way I can possibly port my mobile number over to another provider and cancel my T-mobile subscription? Due to the unexpected circumstances that my home internet cannot be provided as promised on signup?



4 reacties

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Hello @paul-pk 

You have a period of 14 days to cancel your mobile contract for free so there are only a couple of days left..

Thanks @Waqqas. I was under the same impression that I had 14 days to cancel. When I called customer support they said they could not cancel it for some reason - hence why I am asking here and hoping to get another customer support rep.

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Hmm, they should cancel it without any reason. In the weekend the moderators are not that active so it could take some time for you to receive a reply.

Have you filled in your mobile customer number in your community profile?


That makes sense - I will give customer service another call this afternoon and see if I get a different response. I should have my mobile customer number in my profile.