NO internet connection after glasfiber setup

  • 20 December 2021
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We have been clients for T Mobile Thuis for several years and got the offer to switch to their glasfiber programme, for which we got the physical connection via the network owner KPN. All went smoothly in theory, a monteur from Gideon sent by T Mobile “conntected” the glasfiber converter to the new KPN box and to out modem. She left after 5 minutes without checking the connection and now we have been without internet for a week. We spend our days talking to T Mobile customer service workers, who are not able to help, but always assure us this will be solved within the next 1 or 2 days. From what I see, there has been no progress at all.

Maybe it is indeed better to stick with the actual owner of the network as communications between T Mobile and KPN seem to be leading to zero.

Very disappointed, especially in times when working from home became the new standard.

Kind regards.

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8 reacties

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Hello @TinekevdBr 

do you have the white Huawei converter or the grey one and which lights are on, blinking or off on it?

Hello Waqqas,

I have the white Huawei converter. Light are:

Power: constanty green

PONS: flickering

LOS: off

LAN: flickering occasionally

All has been tested already. The answer so far is that KPN needs to do something about that at the wijkcentraale. However, this is where we have been since last week Monday. No customer service worker can access our modem remotely.



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Since October Guidion does the patching aswell as the installation at home.

The blinking PON LED means that there is signal but a connection between your ONT and OLT cannot be set up.

Some possible reasons could be that your ONT has not been registered correctly or there's still something to do on the T-Mobile side.

Could you also post a picture of your ONT and FTU?


This is the KPN box for the glasfiber. Is this what you were referring to?

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Yeah this is the FTU, does the Huawei ONT also have a green connector plugged in? So the other end of the cable in the picture above?


Yes, the cable from the KPN box is connected via a this cable you see in the pic with the HUAWEI. 


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Hi @TinekevdBr ,

Thanks for your message to our Community! I'd love to help you out and check what the current situation is with your connection. Normally I'm able to do this by cross-referencing your email address, but I'm not able to find your T-Mobile Thuis account with the e-mail you've chosen on our Community. If you're able to do so, can you please add your customer details into your profile on our Community? That way I can check the situation and help you out. Please let me know!