problem with my installation - missing the hardware

  • 18 May 2018
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few days ago I signed the contract with T-mobile thuis and am am waiting for installation at home. PostNL left the device to my neighbours. The problem is now they are not at home (I suspec they had medical problems) and I am not able to collect the pack. Would be possible to receive a new one to be ready for the installation and send the first one back as soon as neighbours come back?
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Hi gfrigione,

Thanks for your order! I'm sorry to hear about your neighbours and the situation at hand. We seldom send another package to our customers. When we do, we have to be sure the first package is returned. In your case this proves difficult! However, I'd like to discuss the possibilities.The best course of action is try to get your original package back. Do you have any way of contacting your neighbours? Or do you know any other neighbours who do? Please let me know, because your startdate is probably soon!