4g router - bad connection

So I would like to complain about 2 topics,


first of all I hired t-mobile Mobile and Huis late December, a couple of weeks later I got surprised that it would not be possible to have the cable connection on my place, then after a few talks with t-mobile I managed to cancel it and hired a 4g router connection instead.


my first problem is, I hired it for a year, as it has been recorded in the calls and also the same period I had in my other packages, instead the 2 years I have in my contract and the value I've been charged.


the second problem is that the internet connection provided by the modem is REALLY bad, sometimes I can't even watch Netflix on it, as a countermeasure I can simply connect the device on my cellphone as a routes and it works sometimes 3x faster. (so maybe the router isn't able to serve a good network?)

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