My internet premium 1000Mbps is super slow

  • 14 September 2021
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Is there a problem with the internet (thuis) in Veldhoven? My internet is super slow now. And YES I have performed all the checks, resets, and used speedtest by Ookla. It varies between 50Mbps to 350Mbps for the last two days, both upload and download .



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Hello @barucchi 

Is this the speed via WiFi or did you also perform a speedtest on a laptop directly connected to the modem using the ookla speedtest app, if yes what was the speed with a wired laptop?

This speed is via cat6 cable directly on modem. This morning it bounced back to around 700Mbps.


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Try testing in safe mode once to minimise all processes which can deduct your speed?

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Good morning @barucchi, welcome to the Community!

I understand that your internet speed isn’t up to par yet. I’ll gladly help out raising the speed. In order to give a proper estimation of your speed, I’d like to receive a couple of screenshots of speed tests. Please take a close look at the following steps! If the tests don’t meet the necessary criteria, we can’t start an investigation.

-Go to in your browser and download the app for the device on which you want to perform the speed test

-The computer or laptop has to be connected via an ethernet cable, a speed test of a TV or gaming computer can’t be used

-Run the speed test. For the best results it’s best to test on several target servers. When you press the big GA-button, you can choose a server. Is the speed below the attainable average? Repeat the test on the same device but with a five minute intermission between the tests

-Take at least two screenshots of speed tests on different target servers

-Take a screenshot of the taakbeheer (Task Manager, on Windows) or the activiteitenmonitor (Activity Monitor on iOS): In Windows you’ll find this by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL; choose more details if they’re not directly visible In Apple MacOS you can search for "Activity Monitor" from the Spotlight search box

-Take a screenshot of the IP configuration: Windows: via the search function under shortcut “Windows + R”, type in: “cmd” and press Enter (or search for Opdrachtprompt/Command Prompt in the starting menu). After opening, type in: ipconfig / all and press Enter Apple MacOS: via the Finder or the Spotlight search window you can open the Terminal app. Type in: /sbin /ifconfig and press Enter. This will display all connections the device has at that specific moment.

Please send the screenshots in one message in this topic and make sure that the mentioned steps are followed precisely. Thank you for your input!