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  • 4 January 2019
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I have internet from T-mobile couple of days. Right now the connection what should have its 750 Mbps. When I use Wifi 5g I can reach from 100 Mbps to 140 Mbps download and 150-200 Mbps upload and the LAN cable ( this is really strange for me, tried 3 diffrent Ethernet cables on laptop and computer) from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps Do anyone know how to fix the issue ? or maybe its normal ?:D

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Hallo @Ert129 

Heb je een DSL internet abonnement en is het modem op het ISRA aangesloten waar ook de KPN kabel is aangesloten of is het modem op een ander punt aangesloten?

Zou je er eens een foto van kunnen maken van hoe je het hebt aangesloten?


Internetmodem aangekomen.  We hebben geïnstalleerd.  Het zou op 16.07 worden geopend.  maar nog steeds geen internet.

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Hey Gutek,

First of all, welcome!🍾 I'm glad to hear that you've chosen T-Mobile Thuis. 😄

So you've some speed issues? When you test your speed with a LAN cable, the speed should be around 750 Mbps. A speed of 150-200 Mbps is too low, so we need to find a solution for that. And are there multiple devices connected when you are testing your speed?

The Wifi speed can be a lot lower than your subscription. The Wifi speed is affected by a lot of external factors. We've a topic with a lot of tips and tricks to speed up your Wifi speed. It's in Dutch though, so if you need some help with the translation, just ask me. Good luck!