Frequently interrupting internet

  • 10 December 2021
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 Hi there,


My Internet connection has been being disconnected so often. First I started a few times per day. I tried to follow instruction here 

but that does not help. Now it disconnect many times per hour. This is so frustrating because I need internet for my work. Would you please check that for me...


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Hello @tinnguyen299 

Do you have a Fiber or DSL connection?

Dies both WiFi and wired internet disconnect so a red globe on the Zyxel or do you have another modem?

Hi @Waqqas ,

I have a DSL connection and a Huawei modem. 

The wifi connection to the modem works fine. Only the Internet is so unstable, disconnects so many times.

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So what about the wired connection? Does it disconnect? And if not is it stable with a good speed?

Could you also share a picture of how the modem is connected to the ISRA. Ideal is to connect the modem to the main ISRA where the KPN cable is also connected.

Hi @Waqqas ,

I think I’m lost in your words. Sorry that so many things you say I don’t understand.

Basically, the setup is:

     phone wall socket ----- Huawei socket --- wifi extender --- computers

I do not use wired connection. During the interruption of Internet, I can still access to the model (, via wifi connection, to check internet status and confirm that it is disconnected from the Internet. 

Hope this is clear to you.

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So the modem is connected to a wall socket?

Could you open that wall socket and place a picture of the wiring inside so we can check if there's a bridge tap?

And it's a wall socket with 4 holes for a telephone adapter right?

Also check the WiFi of the Huawei modem with the extender removed, maybe these 2 are not functioning good with each other.


I forgot to mention, the wifi extender is wire-connected to the Huawei modem. I do not turn on wifi from the modem. And I had similar issue before using the extender.

Below are the photos that you asked for. Let me know if they are good for you to look at.


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It looks like there are more than 2 wires connected.

There should only be 2 wires connected above next to "R", one left and one right. All other wires can be removed.

@Waqqas Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it when the interruption happens again. (Somehow, it’s not so frequently interrupted at the moment … weird)

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Hi @tinnguyen299, great to see that solutions have been offered, fantastic teamwork! 

Did Waqqas’ tips help? 

Hi @Jason, thanks for asking. Somehow, the internet has been stable for the last few days (only 1 disconnection so far). So, I put the fix on hold. If the problem is back, I’ll try Waqqas’ suggestion.

FYI, here is the timeline of what was happening:

  • Internet got interrupted now and then. It was becoming worse.
  • I reset the modem and experienced even more frequent interruption, so I posted the problem here
  • After 1 or 2 hours, somehow the internet became stable, meaning almost no interruption (until now)
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Hi @tinnguyen299, thanks so much for clearing that up and presenting a view on the timeline, that really helps! 

Glad to hear the issue seems to have been solved, at least for now. Should any disconnections, on a larger scale, reappear, please notify us immediately. We'd be happy to help! 

For now: enjoy your connection and please stay safe! 

Thanks for your kind words @Jason.

Stay safe and healthy! :relaxed:

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You're very welcome @tinnguyen299! Thanks so much for your kind words as well, means a lot! 😊🙋‍♂️