Kpn wiresless superWifi on t-mobile wifi

  • 22 June 2022
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I am thinking to move from kpn to t-mobile and wondering if Kpn wiresless superWifi  access points  (not the modem Experia box v10) do work on t-mobile wifi? I have 3 of them (each floor) and want to continue using them. have someone moved from kpn to t-mobile and manage to used them?





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Hi @qevani.elton

Looking at KPN’s installation guide, you won’t be able to connect the SuperWifi wireless to the TMNL Wifi. One Unit wired and the other wireless should not be a problem imo. your mileage may vary looking at this topic tbh 

Thing you also need to keep in mind is that since your no longer connected to the KPN Network there is a chance the SuperWifi wont receive any new software update incase of a bugfix or security update.

Thanks for your reply @TechRacing93 

This is what In have now. One superWifi  access points wired to the Experia box v10 and then the other 2 superWifi  access points connected wirelessly to the first superWifi  access points. Wondering if someone else has actually done it on a t-mobile modem

Technically possible, but since you use them in a wireless setup, at some point they will lose the connection with each other and without the kpn system behind that manages the configuraton and setup you’ll have a hard time setting it back up manually. If you use them in a wired setup it should be okay.

You could try T-Mobile\s wifi plus option with their zyxel ap, although the performance on those is a bit weaker than on the arcadayn products KPN uses. You could also get something like TP Link Deco system which works withou much hassle with all ISP’s.

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I don’t have any hands on expiercence with the SuperWifi pods. So I cant sure it will work. But aslong as one is wired and the others wireless to the wired one. I don’t see a technical reason why it wont work unless KPN had lovely things in it to prevent it from working. 

I would advice to try it out, if needed we can always try to help to make it work. 

Thanks @prodigy and @TechRacing93 . Will try to ping kpn and ask them if their hardware  works outside “KPN” though I expect silly replies from them. 

found this post from kpn blog that can be helpful also to others regarding connecting kpn supperwifi to other modems