Problemen met ontvangen verificatie-sms PayPal

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Hi Florin2,

I'm sorry to read you're having troubles receiving these codes via sms! Do you only have this problem with or also with other services? My colleague Issam explained how this sometimes happens so I will try to translate that a little!

Companies use other services to send these codes through text messages. It depends on the technique they use, if these texts are arriving on our network. So it may be that is now using a text service that doesn't work well with the network. Of course if you can't receive codes through sms at all, it is probably due to another problem, so in that case please let us know so we can look into this further!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to help!
Yes, I now also believe it is their fault. I've done some further checks meanwhile. I do generally receive them. From the bank for example works fine, or friends. These are basically the ones that I am aware of. 🙂 I'll push with for a fix, but they did ask me to check with my provider also, to see that everything is ok with my settings at the provider. So I have checked that I do not have anything blocked in My T-mobile which was not.
Thanks for the quick reply!
Ik krijg nog altijd helemaal niks binnen.....en Paypal zit wel iedere keer te zeuren dat ik mijn telefoonnummer moet bevestigen. Ontzettend irritant dat het nog steeds niet werkt....hoeveel jaar is er nog nodig voor een oplossing? 😞