Internet installation date keeps being delayed

  • 23 September 2019
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Internet activation has been postponed 3 times already totaling up to 17 days without any explanation. I received the package and installed it. It was supposed to be activated on the 18th of September, that got delayed on the 20th which got delayed on the 23rd and which finally got delayed on the 4th of October. It is of course frustrating and annoying being prepared each day to install it and then finding out that same day that it will be delayed again.

With all this there was no explanation for the cause, just "funny" emails stating "We told you will get internet soon. Nothing has changed, only the installation date has been changed" - that "nothing" is actually all that I care about in the process of installation so it is insulting to act like everything is ok and do not have an apology or cause for the situation.

Whether course, I cannot trust the date or installation now, it could normally be anytime in the company as delays.

So my question is this: How can I obtain an activation date which will be respected and what is the cause of the delay in the first place? If the cause is probably going to repeat and I will get delayed again for another month, it would be clearly a better solution to cancel the contract and go with another provider. But I cannot know what is going to happen as it felt like this process lacks any transparency (yes, I tried calling customer support - no, it was not useful at all). I hope I can get some help here.

thank you

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Hi @Calin-2,

I'm here to help! I see there's been some delay. I cannot find the exact reason for this, but it's the network operator that has delayed it. T-Mobile is on your side: we want to have you connected as soon as possible! Rest assured, we do everything to make sure you get connected soon. For now we have to wait for the 4th of October. Fingers crossed!

Hi @Calin-2 
I have a very similar problem with T-mobile. Did you get some luck? I thought of going with T-mobile to save some bucks, but never thought it would be at a compromise of service quality. 

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Hi Udhaya,

In your other topic you said this was resolved, so that's good news!

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