Internet DSL stopped working

  • 23 January 2021
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Hallo, ik kom uit Bergen op Zoom en heb problemen met het verbinden met dsl. Ik heb een modem besteld, alles werkte tot gisteren. er gingen twee netwerklampjes uit. Ik heb alles op uw site gedaan om het probleem op te lossen, maar het hielp niet.

Ik zal eraan toevoegen dat ik wacht op de eerste rekening


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31 reacties

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Goedemiddag @Macmac1017   Wil je de volgende keer de “goolgle vertaalsite of app” gebruiken of in het Engels schrijven!
MVG. Cristien

Witam, jestem z Bergen op Zoom i mam problemy z połączeniem się z dsl.  Zamówiłem modem, wszystko działało do wczoraj.  zgasły dwie lampki sieciowe.  Zrobiłem wszystko na Twojej stronie, aby rozwiązać problem, ale to nie pomogło.  Dodam, że czekam na pierwszy rachunek.


Mijn vertaling met de Google app!🚨⬇️

Hallo, ik kom uit Bergen op Zoom en heb problemen met het verbinden met dsl.  Ik heb een modem besteld, alles werkte tot gisteren.  er gingen twee netwerklampjes uit.  Ik heb alles op uw site gedaan om het probleem op te lossen, maar het hielp niet.
Ik zal eraan toevoegen dat ik wacht op de eerste rekening.



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Hello @Macmac1017 

Is your modem directly connected to your ISRA using the grey DSL cable? And what does your isra (connection point) look like?

Yes, it is connected with a gray cable. It looks like this inside. 


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Is there no other isra in your fusebox for example?

There is a fuse box in the stairwell, there is something like that, but I don't know anything about it.


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If you cannot find any of these I guess the 1 on photo 1 is the only one in your house and there's some other problem.


So what can I do now? 

Is there a number to call and ask for a technician to come?

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Hi @Macmac1017, welcome to the Community!

Can you please try and take a picture of the modem and then specifically the back of the modem (where all the ports are located)? I just performed a line analysis and it seems as though the modem isn't connected to the ISRA (main installation point). Are you 100 percent sure you've connected the DSL-cable to the DSL-port on the back of the Zyxel?


s I said, everything worked, I didn't touch anything there

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Ans where does the DSL line goes to? A photo of the ISRA point?

Umieściłem zdjęcie ISRA kilka postów powyżej. 



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Dat ziet er niet uit als het IsRA punt. Dit is gewoon een telefoon stekker die door een bewoner is aangelegd met een draad vanaf het isra punt. Kijk eens waar de kabel heengaat, bijvoorbeeld de meterkast?

Niestety nie widzę niczego takiego jak punkt ISRA.


Sorry, once again it automatically translates the page to Polish language.


Unfortunately I don't see anything like an ISRA point.

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Your ISRA is on the left side next to the black box above the gas meter.

Could you make a closer photo of that one? Btw it's the most right ISRA of the picture I posted earlier.

There is an ingoing cable and an outgoing one, cut the outgoing one at around 30 cm and connect the connection box that was delivered in the installation package to it and plug the DSL cable on the other side.

This is ISRA, right?


Which one is connection box?


I got something like this 

 I don't know how to do it at all. One cable comes out of this point. Everything working before was suddenly broken? :(

Its looking like that 


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Hello @Macmac1017 

Yes this is your ISRA, it's kpn property so please don't open it.

What's the length of the thin cable from the ISRA to the box in your room approximately? Length could be a problem.

What you can do is cut the thin cable at around 30 cm and strip the wires if you have the tools, connect red and blue in the upper box.

If it still doesn't work then there must be another issue.


Is there a helpline to make an appointment? 

I would be grateful.

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Yeah sure, please wait for a moderator to reply, they can arrange a technician for you.

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Hi @Macmac1017, thanks for posting the pictures!

I've instructed Guidion to send over a technician to come and fix the issue. If it can be solved immediately, he will do so, otherwise he will contact T-Mobile for further steps.

In approximately ten minutes, you'll receive a text message and an email with a link to schedule an appointment.

Hello, there was an installstor but he could not fix anything. He said that there is a large box near my place of residence and someone must have disconnected something there. He said that someone would call me in this case...I would like to send someone back, I have no internet for a long time...

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Hi @Macmac1017, smart that you informed us about the feedback of the technician! I've contacted the line operator and I suspect that you'll be called tomorrow by them. Please keep your phone at hand and be aware that the line operator might call without a number ID. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I highly suspect that the activation will take place within the next couple of days!