Ik verhuis naar het buitenland

  • 9 August 2022
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I have moved abroad and under the terms of the contract and European regulations I understand that it should be free and that I have to pay the remainder of my contract until it is terminated. As of today I called T-Mobile to cancel my subscription and they pay until the end of the contract (almost 300 euros). Is that outside the law?

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5 reacties

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Hello @Hkdenc83 

You have a mobile subscription and you are still in your contract period?

In that case you will pay €13,50 × the remaining months + toestelkrediet if you had a phone aswell.

There is also a one month cancellation period so after submitting the cancellation your contract will end next month.

At the T-Mobil shop I have been told that whatever the contract, if I move abroad, I just have to paid the one month cancellation period and that’s it.

Of course now that I have actually cancelled it is not the case like in every contract. 

like written here if I move abroad I should not pay extra cost : Directive (EU) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018

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When you are contract free (cancelable anytime) then you will only pay for the final invoice with a 1 month cancellation period.

Well once again thanks to the seller at the shop that provided unclear information to sell me more things to me to my dismay 

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Hi @Hkdenc83 

I checked you details and I see that your subscription was already disconnected on 05-08-2022. Does this regard a different number? If so, can you send me a private message with the number it regards, name , birth-date, full address and the last 4 numbers of your IBAN? If you click on my name you'll see the option stuur bericht.