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  • 4 August 2022
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I moved to my home country so I would like to terminate the contract. Could you please help me to cancel it? 




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Hi Sujung,


is this for mobile or just for internet/tv at home? 

For mobile, is the contract you currently got a monthly or did you sing a 1 / 2 year contract? If it’s a monthly contract, you can cancel it in My T-Mobile. Otherwise you have to buy out the contract. You should call the support for the options. 

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Hi @Sujung,

I hope you had a safe flight. Do you want to cancel your mobile or fixed subscription? Often a mobile contract has a duration of either one or two years. This could mean the cancellation comes with some costs. For example, if you chose to buy a phone via a credit (with monthly payments) you’ll receive a(n) (digital) invoice containing the remainder of the costs for your phone. In case of the service contract, you would have to pay a ‘fine’ of 50% of the remainder of the costs, as it would be when you would have chosen the cheapest options of the subscription. Could you send me a PM with your 06-number, address, date of birth and the last four digits of the IBAN that is connected to this subscription? A colleague will help you as soon as possible. 

If it’s a fixed subscription, please let me know. I’ll contact a colleague of ‘T-Mobile Thuis’ in order to help you.